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The Home Office Deduction, learn if you qualify and more in simple 3 steps

If you work from home, you could potentially stand to benefit from the Home Office Deduction, and this post will help you figure out if that is the case. Home office deductions can be a helpful way to lower business costs and shorten your commute to the office. However, it is important to understand the […]

8 Meditation Apps for Better Mental Health

Discover the physical and mental well-being benefits of using meditation apps.  Work life balance requires us to take care of our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing before, during and after our professional responsibilities.  Why not use your phone to enhance your health goals process and keep on the right track?  Numerous studies have shown the […]

Choosing the best business structure for your company, 3 things to consider

Choosing the right business structure is key to ensuring long-term success when starting a business. Your business structure will affect everything from day-to-day operations to quarterly and annual reporting and taxes. It will also determine how much personal liability you have and how much your personal assets are at risk. With the rise of social […]

5 quick exercises to reduce stress and tension at work

Burnout is real, and the modern worker needs to find ways to reduce stress on the job to ensure career success long term, so here are 5 science-based strategies to help you relax, take a pause and refresh your focus during or after the workday. 5 Exercises to help reduce stress Perhaps it’s been a […]

Learning the basics of inheritance and taxes in 2023

When you lose a loved one, especially a grandparent or parent, the last thing you want to be worrying about is understanding how any potential inheritance will be taxed. That is why it is important for families to have education and support to prepare of the transfer of wealth, and why it is worthwhile to […]

A basic guide to business expenses, write-offs and deductions in 2023

There is no shortage of internet content encouraging taxpayers to takeadvantage of tax deductions for business expenses, but what are the rules anddifferences surrounding business expenses, write-offs, and deductible expenses? Business Expenses and Taxes First, it is important to understand that write-offs are a specific kind ofbusiness expense. Business expenses are the costs incurred by […]

Fraud: Protecting yourself online in 2023

This year over 3,000 reports of fraud related to tax preparation have been recorded by the Federal Trade Commission. Overall Americans lost 8.8 billion dollars to fraud in 2022, and as many as one in ten adults may be the victim of fraud this year. A key strategy scammers will often use successfully is impersonating […]

Understanding depreciation and 2 important applications

Depreciation is an accounting concept that business owners should be familiar with, especially for businesses that own vehicles or machinery. Understanding the basic principles of depreciation is key to evaluating how to account for the cost of purchasing assets on your books and tax return. Depreciation is defined as “a reduction in the value of […]

What is a Power of Attorney? 3 helpful accounting uses

What is a Power of Attorney (POA)? A POA is a legal document that grants someone, known as the “agent” the authority to act on behalf of another person, known as the “principal,” in various legal and financial matters. It is important to understand there are many kinds of POAs, designed for many different legal […]