30+ Years of Professional Tax & Accounting Services

Kristin Mitchell

Book & Video Editor

Kristin’s ability to learn quickly and adapt to anything has allowed her to wear many hats over the years. Currently she is in charge of editing our QuickBooks for Industry Professionals series manuals, keeping them up to date as QuickBooks releases new versions. She is also the producer of our new video series, Mastering QuickBooks for Contractors, and is hard at work on our next video series, QuickBooks for Real Estate Investors. She also does various other tasks for us involving bookkeeping and website upkeep, there isn’t anything you couldn’t ask Kristin to do that she wouldn’t be able to get done!

When she isn’t at work Kristin enjoys hiking, swimming, camping, but most importantly, spending time with her adorable dog, Skippah.


Bachelor of Arts, International Relations, University of San Diego.

Professional Designation:

Extensive experience using QuickBooks desktop
2 year’s experience with QBO