30+ Years of Professional Tax & Accounting Services

Mary Lee

Contracts & HR Specialist

Mary has already proven herself a great asset to the office and we know she will continue to be a wonderful member of our team. She loves helping people, and her experience teaching and tutoring has also given her an excellent set of skills for her role as Contracts & HR Specialist.

From her time spent studying abroad in Japan and traveling Asia and Europe, to being responsible for teaching an immersion class for new refugees, Mary has had incredible opportunities to immerse herself in other cultures and perspectives and this has given her amazing patience and understanding which she brings to work every day. She loves being in the office and enjoys being a source of help and support for clients and coworkers alike.

In her free time, Mary enjoys walking her dog, Goguma, studying languages, and traveling the world with her husband.


B.A. East Asian History and Modern Language (Major), Japanese (Minor) (Boise State University)

B.A. Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication (Boise State University)