30+ Years of Professional Tax & Accounting Services

Sabrina Williams

Tax Assistant and Customer Service

Sabrina’s positive attitude and ability to learn quickly has made her an indispensable asset to our team. Born and raised in southern California, she decided to start her newest adventure here in Idaho with us. Sabrina is currently working on expanding her tax knowledge by taking some EA courses, but we know she won’t settle there. She loves being in the office and enjoys being a source of knowledge and support for clients and coworkers alike. If you have questions, chances are she has the answers!
In her free time, Sabrina enjoys spending time with her adorable pets, Henry and Rosie (her two cats) and Thelma (her adopted pup). When not at home, you can find her with Thelma at the dog park, playing with her fellow Online Accounting companions: Basil, Goguma and Nia!

Fun Fact:

Sabrina has been baking since middle school and even considered becoming a pastry chef! She loves baking for others and regularly brings delectable goodies in to the office. And while we may need to exercise more since she came, you won’t hear any complaints from us!


Gleim EA Review – Personal & Business Modules (In progress)