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About Us

Online Accounting Academy is the daughter company of the well-established national accounting firm, Online Accounting. For over 30 years Online Accounting has been working with, training, and receiving feedback from professionals in industries just like yours. This is the company that has produced the QuickBooks Guides you know and love, including QuickBooks Pro for Contractors, The Architect’s Guide to QuickBooks, The Engineer’s Guide to QuickBooks, The Organized New Business and many others. When we saw how well-received and relied upon these books were by small business owners, we knew there was a great need for more content like this; videos that are easy to understand and even easier to access, and Online Accounting Academy was born.

Our depth of knowledge and experience with software, industries and small business owners is what makes our video series one-of-a-kind, something that cannot be found anywhere else besides one-on-one training with someone from our team. It has been our passion since 1992 to put quality, relevant information into the hands of small business owners that want to achieve success and gain financial control. Online Accounting Academy was designed to do just that.


Our Solutions Team

Each video we produce has been created and vetted thoroughly by professionals in our office. To read more about the employees that created your content and the services that we provide head over to Online Accounting’s official website: