30+ Years of Professional Tax & Accounting Services

Shannon Madigan

Senior Accountant and Payroll Supervisor

Shannon is a seasoned employee in our office, having been with us for almost 12 years! She is not only a senior accountant but also manages the payroll department, which processes payroll for our clients located in almost every State in the US.

If we had to award one of our employees with “most efficient and on task,” Shannon would get this award, hands down! We can honestly say that we, and a great deal of our clients, do not know what we would do without her and we are so appreciative of all that she does.

Shannon’s ability to do her job at lightning speed allows her time to do what she loves most, spending time with her family. Shannon and her husband Brad have 9 children, 2 dogs, and 2 cats (yes, blended family!). When she isn’t in the office you can find Shannon with her family and friends wake surfing and wakeboarding off of their boat in the summer, snow skiing in the winter, or at school events with the four kids still at home.

Working with fellow employees and clients is Shannon’s favorite part of her job. Her relationships with her coworkers and her clients are what bring her joy. Being able to help people understand accounting and their business on a deeper level is important to her. She is a big proponent of the “Golden Rule,” and believes in treating others the way she would like to be treated. If you are lucky enough to get to work with Shannon, you are in for a treat!